Tokyo cancels opera ‘due to typhoon’

Message from the New National Theatre, Tokyo:

Due to circumstances and suspension of public transport arising from the Typhoon Hagibis, Eugene Onegin on Saturday 12 October at 14:00 is unfortunately cancelled.

We deeply regret this inconvenience to our valued audience.

Sunday’s theatre performance is also cancelled.


Stay safe, friends.



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  • double-sharp says:

    Hoping that the audience, cast, orchestra and crew of ONEGIN come safely through the typhoon.

  • Mike Schachter says:

    And the rugby too.

  • Joseph says:

    It’s just not the Opera. I received an email from the National Noh Theatre this morning that all performances for Noh, Kyogen and Kabuki have likewise been cancelled, not to mention the rugby. 😉

  • double-sharp says:

    Tell us again there is no climate crisis, Mr Pompeo?

    • Ordinary Member of the Public says:

      Average number of typhoons, 1950-1959: 17
      Average number of typhoons, 2010-2019: 11

      We now return you to breathless reporting of the globetrotting activities of orchestras, conductors, singers and soloists.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Huh? Why would a single typhoon say anything either way about climate change?

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