The Met’s new art is a monument to bad taste

The Met’s new art is a monument to bad taste


norman lebrecht

October 30, 2019

The Metropolitan Opera has unveiled its lastest artwork, a sculpture by George Condo in the most exquisite nouveau-riche honey-trap taste.

It glitters, it’s gold and it’s about as thoughtful as a bunch of dollar bills from an ATM.

The Met’s website tells us this about its art policy: Conceived by General Manager Peter Gelb and Dodie Kazanjian, the founding director and curator, Gallery Met continues and reaffirms the Met’s long history of groundbreaking relationships with major visual artists—such as Chagall and Hockney—while fostering new opportunities for collaboration.

Just so you know where complaints should be addressed.



  • Alexander says:

    I do understand your sarcasm ( I’m also not so much impressed by that) , all the same in some cases the bunch of dollar bills can be very inspiring / judging from my own life experience
    PS just my opinion, of course 😉

  • Thomas Silverbörg says:

    As is the boss.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The picture shows a ridiculous object indeed. But that is usual with established contemporary visual art.

    • Calvin says:

      I happen to think Condo is a C-minus player, but anti-intellectualism with respect to visual art is simply that. Somehow people who die before saying, “I don’t understand the literature (or music) of our time, and it is all crap anyway,” are proud to say it about visual art.

  • Save the MET says:

    Gelb’s modern “art gallery” is a big fat white elephant and has been a drain on the MET’s coffers since he started it. Between salary and poor sales, it is a vanity project brought to us by a man of little education and certainly no expertise in the field. But that’s the total picture of his entire tenure there. No expertise and a lack of real professionalism as a leader and manager in the performing arts.

  • WillymH says:

    I can’t say from what I can see of it in the photo that I like it but obviously having viewed it up close on your recent (unpublicized) trip to New York you had a better look at it in person.

  • Jack says:

    The artwork is of a piece with the Met Opera House – a dated modernist monstrosity that looks like something from the Jetsons.

  • Ramon Figueroa says:

    I don’t care much for it (looked at a closer picture on Google. The artist does a lot Picasso recycling in his work. The sculpture might have been more palatable if it weren’t rendered in that awful color. It’s very Koons, whose aggressive banality I despise.

    • The View from America says:

      “Aggressive banality” — that’s a good one.

      Much like Koons’ ex-wife, Ilona Staller …