That Lola…. she’s an angel


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  • Norman, it is a blasphemy this girl perfomimg an angel in underwear.
    Everybody knows that angels do not use any clothes.

  • Norman, it is a blasphemy this girl performing an angel in underwear.
    Everybody knows that angels do not use any clothes.

  • In “Vanity Fair”, Lord Steyne tells Becky Sharp, “My wife says you have been singing like an angel,” and Thackeray remarks, “Now there are angels of two kinds, and both, it is said, are charming in their way”

  • Clearly a sign of how women are used these days by mysogynistic white males, who have no shame.
    I wonder whether the Video makes a case for Lola to start proceedings against sexual harassment ?

    • What appears to make you assume that she was coerced into doing this (or indeed any of her other stunts) by “misogynistic white males” or indeed anyone else? Were she indeed to commence such proceedings – in the unlikely event that any court would try the case – mightn’t the very fact of her participation in it (which was almost certainly not at gunpoint) detract from the success of such litigation? Mightn’t it also be both interesting and pertinent to know how much money she made out of it? I suspect that Chopin will survive, though quite what he’d have thought of it I dare not even think…

    • Do you jest? If not, you are certainly naive. I must think that the most intelligent women, and men, in the vanguard of the #metoo movement would agree that women do exploit women — some traffic them for sexual purposes, for God’s sake — and that there are women performers who do this sort of thing and are firmly in control of the decision-making. Observe certain pop singers, starting with Madonna. We don’t know, for we’re not given such information here, whether this is a dollop of self-promotion by this Lola whoever. I doubt if she was dragged kicking and screaming into the studio to film this bit of Playboy fodder.

  • Well, Franz Liszt was a showman too. Looking at her Facebook page, this has received 215K views as of early Tuesday. Most of her other videos are in the 10-15K range. Tells you something.

  • Face it, people, Sex Sells! This is about sales, not musical quality/purity. Her music might be superficial, with her head swiveling, hair flowing, hips gyrating, she will sell more streams/CDs than Argerich, Uchida, Grimaud combined. Her audience is not the readers of this blog, who are horrified, but the 99% of the people out there.

  • Lola Asstanova indeed !!! I forget his name, but there is a very handsome young man that played for some videos in his skivvies that was brought to attention on here a while back. I personally find it in poor taste. The amazing thing…. the entire world is constantly bombarded with sex. In advertising, in film, in art, in business. This is all fair game until someone actually tries to get some at which point it becomes a crime and a travesty. Can we really have it both ways? You tease by displaying the cheese constantly then cry bloody murder when the mice try to get a bite. This goes for both sexes, not just women. Sex sells. It always has. It probably always will. In the old days the sellers of sex had a certain name. Why hide it with angel wings??

      • I am shocked that 11 do not agree with you Lynne. The modern world (2019+)knows that sexy dressing is the woman’s choice and has no reflection on her morals. Yuja knows best, and she can play the piano too.

        • “No reflection on her morals”. Oh, that was the biggest laugh I’ve had all week!!

          Next you’ll be telling me that nuns’ habits are not a reflection of their morals. LOL

    • “I forget his name, but there is a very handsome young man that played for some videos in his skivvies that was brought to attention on here a while back.”

      It wasn’t just skivvies, but also stiffies.

  • Curious that many comments share the assumption that a beautiful woman cannot also be a talented musician, or physicist or surgeon. An attitude common to misogynistic men and some feminists.

    • The discussion is not about her beauty, but about how she presents physically when performing in some sort of public venue. i.e, well toward being starkers. If you know enough, reflect and you will soon bring to mind numerous beautiful women musicians whose talent has never been questioned (putting aside those loony Youtube comments). Not a few have mighty fine careers right now, and with the greatest respect from critics and audiences. Then look at the way these fine artists present, and you may discern the difference. They wear and do nothing that might deflect attention from the music and composer toward themselves. There is no ‘win’ in this. Either the presentation of such as Lola and Yuja distracts from a good/fine performance, or it distracts from precisely the opposite.

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