Strike shuts down Barcelona

Tonight’s Turandot is off at the Liceu due to a general strike by separatists across Catalonia.

Among other shutdowns, the Palau de la Musica has postponed its season opening.


We’re not sure about the football.

UPDATE: Next week’s Barca match vs Real Madrid has been called off.

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  • Is the above picture one for yet another ultramodern setting for an opera production? Turandot taking place on a football turf? What won’t they come up with next?!

  • About football- Barcelona FC has an away match this weekend – but next week they should play a home game against Real Madrid, no less, and the game might be postponed because of the political situation.

  • We have learned through 20th century, nationalism is almost always bad & pursued by ambitious opportunists who almost always end up being up to no good at the end.

  • Imagine what would happen if Spain were an EU country obliged to honour the results of democratic voting?

    No, wait….

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