Singers mourn international voice coach

The family of Meribeth Dayme has posted news of her passing.

She was an acclaimed author, speaker, and master teacher—a pioneer in the fields of voice and the teaching of singing, speaking, and personal presence—bridging science, art, and spirituality through her CoreSinging method that was the culmination of a lifetime of tireless work. Her final wish was that her work might live on and continue to help people discover, embody, and live according to their true voice.

Originally from North Carolina, Meribeth lived in the French Alps and taught all over the world.


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  • From Russell Smythe:

    Meribeth was a teacher of teachers. Her approach made it easy to learn, whether it was in her excellent anatomy classes, her vocal technique sessions, or inspiring through her spiritual approach to life. I am deeply grateful for the help she gave me with my teaching career, and will miss this exceptional lady.

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