Pianist breaks a hand

Apparently he’s a Youtube sensation.

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  • In Disneyland, you would not play Debussy, but the March of The Mickey Mouse Glub. And the medical consultancy would be $10,0000 minimum.

    Hope your hand heals.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrmGMlijAzY

    This is very special, though his performance is not particularly good…….shockingly not the first. Leopold de Meyer was a 19th Century pianist who toured the world playing the piano with blocks of wood, hammers and other inanimate objects and based upon the critics of the time was quite good at it.

  • I realise that I have seen this man ( whose name unfortunately escapes me ) on a number of clips, and he certainly plays well , but he does have this strange habit of pointing at the camera at intervals, for reasons which are not obvious . Does anyone know why?

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