Perlman cancels Zubin’s last farewell

The Israel Philharmonic has sent an ‘important notice’ to subscribers, informing them that old pal Itzhak Perlman has pulled out of its very last concert this weekend with the retiring music director Zubin Mehta.

No reason specified.

Yefim Bronfman jumps in.

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    • I could — every time I have been to a Bronfman concert he has bashed the keys to the point of eliminating all the musicality I feel sure he is capable of. He is off my visiting list.

      And I would consider him a feeble sub for Perlman. But rather than another violinist it looks as if they went for a member of the gang.

      Perlman should have offered a reason whether true or false. Looks bad.

    • Beethoven violin concerto also exists in a piano concerto form, so a program featuring that could go on without change, if the piano soloist knew it. But the IPO (and Mehta) could probably handle switching to a different concerto without much difficulty, as most orchestras play a different concerto every week, with little need for rehearsal. The soloist usually doesn’t show up prior to the dress rehearsal. Both the original choice and the replacement will be works orchestra, conductor, and soloist have all done countless times, though perhaps this might be the first time they have done it together.

  • Perlman plays almost exclusively in US and hates travelling more than ever. Plus he’s 74 and his wife (who has had a couple of sets of cancer treatment) is a bit older.

    BTW: the program was originally billed as

    Beethoven: Romance no. 1 in G major
    Beethoven: Romance no. 2 in F major
    Kreisler: Liebesleid
    John Williams: Theme music from Schindler’s List
    Kreisler: Liebesfreud
    Mahler: Symphony no. 2 (“Resurrection”)

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