People’s Opera opens a private club

Here’s what English National Opera is sharing with its supporters today. The picture is clearly phony since none of ENO’s £1,000+ donors is in the age-group displayed here.

ENO’s message:

Your new Members Room at the London Coliseum

The Members Room at the London Coliseum is now open at all ENO performances.

Open from 90 minutes before the curtain rises, you’ll enjoy complimentary tea and coffee before the performance in a calm and relaxed atmosphere away from the crowds. You’ll also be able to pre-order drinks, which will be ready and waiting for you when you return at the interval.

If you’re frustrated with the never-ending queue for the loos at the interval, we have two private bathrooms within the room.

We also have some treats from our new Official Chocolate Partner, Hotel Chocolat. If you can’t wait until you visit the London Coliseum to try them, you can use our special discount code ENOxx for a 15% discount when you shop online.

Look out for the signs, or ask our lovely Front of House team for directions, and they’ll guide you. Just don’t forget your membership card.

(Unfortunately, we can’t offer the Members Room at Dress Rehearsals – everyone in the audience at the rehearsals are members, and we can’t fit you all in!).

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with the Members Club at The Ivy. Opera Circle Members and all supporters donating at £1,000 or above now have access to the intimate and exclusive private members club at these times:

· Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday – all day

· Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – after 8pm

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  • “When everyone is somebody, then no-one’s anybody” as W S Gilbert put it, though I don’t think he was referring to ENO Members.

  • On reading such a phrase as “intimate and exclusive private members club”, my first thought doesn’t exactly run to “opera house”.

      • During Act I, a complimentary full-service dinner will be served in the Members’ Room. A bell shall be rung 20 minutes before the ballet scene, and again 5 minutes before the ballet scene, in order to afford members ample time to finish desserts, put on their white gloves, and process to their boxes to watch the ballet scene.

        Members are kindly requested to wear their special purple membership sash that will be issued on the night, so that they can talk and be merry in their seats and boxes unmolested by demands from ushers to stop disrupting the opera.

        To ensure that members can enjoy the dinner without missing the ballet scene in /Tannhäuser/, a special prologue will be prepended to the opera, giving non-members the opportunity to learn about the products and services of our corporate sponsors.

  • “If you’re frustrated with the never-ending queue for the loos at the interval…” perhaps ENO should take some practical steps to increase provision…

    • Yes, I was going to say…. Instead of building a “member’s club,” why not build more restrooms for the benefit of ALL their patrons?

  • If you’re frustrated with the never-ending queue for the loos at the interval, we have two private bathrooms within the room.

    I’d be frightened to use them in case of finding Anne-Sophie Mutter hiding behind the urinals.

  • Where is this room? There used to be a private entrance to a very appealing serviced room just off the cheap seats. It had the feel of a private club. If I had been able to stand what ENO put on, I would have enjoyed using that whether I could afford better seats or not.

  • Why are the English congenitally incapable of spelling Colosseum correctly?

    One doesn’t speak of something very large as “colisal” or of the “Colisus at Rhodes.” It’s bad enough changing the “o” to an “i”, but dropping the double-“s” is egregious as well.

    • Like it or lump it, it’s now a proper name and as such can spell as it pleases. “Coliseum” is also the most common modern usage for various arenas and venues. Have a look at the French word and figure out how we got to this — and French is also derived from Latin!

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