Onward, Putin’s soldier

Anna Netrebko is in Belarus, feeling patriotic.


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Hello from Minsk, capital of Belarus! It’s beautiful here, let’s go see!!!

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  • She’s getting in the mood for the weekend down at Putin’s dacha – channelling that pseudo-military with hints of dominatrix leather cuffs. No wonder he loves her so. Only surprised her hubby isn’t in tow by his collar in the photo.

  • “Putin’s soldier”? C’mon Norman. You know it was the Soviets who really won WW2. Without them y’all would be speaking German on your island.

    • The Americans might have had something to do with it as well, but you do have a point.

      The Free French — not so much.

        • No, they definitely weren’t. The communists didn’t do anything before the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, and even after that, the Resistance fighters came from all possible political backgrounds.

    • Had the Brits listened to Oswald Mosley and not meddled in events in central and eastern Europe, letting Germany and Russian bludgeon each other to death in the east, it could have saved itself a lot of trouble, and would have been at no risk of a German invasion in the first place.

      • Makes no sense, since the Nazi raised war against Britain first, long before they attacked Stalin’s Empire in the east.

          • Facts such as Britain having declared war on Germany before Germany declared war on it? Germany posed no threat to Britain until Britain decided to declare war on it over the invasion of Poland (which was enabled by the USSR, which then invaded Poland itself from the east).

            Funny Britain entered the war supposedly on behalf of Poland, then double-crossed the Polish government-in-exile, helped cover up the Katyn massacres (falsely blaming Germany when they knew all along that the USSR was to blame) in order to help “Uncle Joe” save face, and then delivered Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe into Bolshevik hands. Why did they bother going to war in the first place, if they were just going to allow one totalitarianism to be replaced by another? Would have been far better just to let the two totalitarian states pound each other to death.

        • Britain (and France actually) declared war on Germany (September 3, 1939) before Germany declared war on them. Had Britain not declared war on Germany, but simply stayed out and left Germany and the USSR bludgeon each other to the death in the East (which was inevitable, despite the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Had Germany not been diverted with a two-front war in the West, war with the USSR would have come much sooner than June 22, 1941) Britain would have been under no threat from Germany.

          So, no. The Nazis didn’t “raise war” against Britain first.

          But go on telling the same lies that have been reiterated over-and-over for 7 decades about the “Good War.”

          • No. I said ‘raised’, not ‘declared’, for a reason. The first offensive act of war was by Germany against Britain.
            It’s delusional to think Britain could have stayed out of it in any way.
            Just as delusional as Brexit probably.

      • Is it? Not really. Honoring the facts it’s reasonable to state, that the Soviets defeated the Nazis decisively. Not single handedly, far from it, but decisively.

    • If the Soviets hadn’t entered the war, the more likely scenario is that Berlin would have met the same fate as Hiroshima.

      • Possibly. Hard to speculate, too many ifs. Also possible that the Nazis then had dropped own nukes on New York first, since they would have had more resources for their research efforts, without the megalomanic material battles in the east.

          • Heisenberg and others would have acted differently, had Germany been winning. After the war they told other stories understandably. Why should it have been impossible?

          • You are completely wrong. History shows that they just did not believe it was possible. They were amazed that the Manhattan Project had succeeded.

          • No? Scientists knew very well it was possible. Also Heisenberg. Heisenberg actually informed Niels Bohr about the German military research program, as we know from only recently published letters by Bohr.

  • The people of the Soviet Union lost about 20 million lives fighting the Nazis. She is about to visit one of the memorials.
    What would you think if someone cracked lame jokes about somebody visiting Yad Vashem?

  • I’m no fan of Putin or Netrebko, but she’s at a Soviet war memorial. I haven’t been to that one but I’ve been to one in St. Petersburg, and it’s hard to comprehend the scale of deaths suffered by Soviet soldiers. Have to respect that.

  • I’m not fond of her wardrobe taste, but I respect her very much, that she is honoring the many millions of innocent victims the Soviets had to sacrifice for decisively winning against the Nazis.
    I wouldn’t try to make jokes or irrelevant insinuations about that.

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