Naples hires ex-La Scala chief

The Teatro San Carlo has named Stéphane Lissner as its next Sovrintendente, starting April 2020.

Lissner, 66, is on his last legs as head of the Paris Opéra. Before that, he was Sovrintendente at La Scala.

All other considerations aside, what this means is that three citadels of Italian opera are now in foreign hands – Dominique Meyer at La Scala, Alexander Pereira at Maggio Musicale in Florence and now Lissner in Naples.

It could turn into a political timebomb.


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  • You don’t get appointments of that kind without political back up and consent, so there are scarce possibilities of a “revolt”. Italian rightist parties have been traditionally pretty tepid in cultural matters not involving large funds or significant “chunks” of power, they never attached much importance to the issue. Then, of course, it depends also on the possible “mistakes” that one or more of the new Superintendants could make (Lissner’s “grandeur”, for instance, was not so beloved…).

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