Munich groper will go to jail

A German federal court has ordered Siegfried Mauser, former rector of the Munich Academy of Music and the Salzburg Mozarteum, to begin his jail sentence for sexual coercion against three women.

Mauser, 64, was convicted in 2016 but has successfully stayed free so far on appeal. He has many supporters among the German music establishment. He is due to serve two years and nine months behind bars.


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  • Meanwhile, all the sexual assault by immigrants in Cologne on a New Year’s Eve….”nothing to see here folks, move on”.

    • What does one have to do with the other? The Cologne police identified more than a hundred suspects, took a dozen into custody. Four were convicted. Police were at a disadvantage because of the unprecedented mass attacks, making it difficult to collect evidence. But following the (countrywide) attacks, Germany tightened its laws regarding sexual assault. That’s the opposite of nothing to see here folks.

    • So your “logic” is that if some brown people got away with sexual assault then no white men should be prosecuted for that crime ever?

      Of course I am not surprised to see this from a sad and pathetic incel like yourself, hiding his misogyny and rape apologism behind a pseudonym that mocks the work of Susan McClary.

      • Male feminists are like converts to a new religion in that they are more fanatical in their views than most women.

        Susan McClary, the Andrea Dworkin of musicology, certainly deserves to be mocked for stating e.g. that the sonata form is inherently sexist (take note blogger Sue) and that the finale of Beethoven 9 expresses male rapist rage.

      • You saying this is A Boy Name Sue? I thought it was just the poster formerly known as Sue who was banned. The level of logic (hah!) is about the same. But I always assumed it was really a woman — of a particular, rightwing type that got pretty well laughed off the stage years ago.

        • You could be right and it’s actually a woman called Sue. But in my experience the worst misogynists and rape apologists tend to be male. Right Karl?

          In any case, anyone with such a lack of compassion and so much hate inside them most probably is an incel. Maybe there are female incels after all.

  • Minor nitpicking: not a, but the Federal Court, i.e. Germany’s highest court of appeal, which has fully confirmed the sentence of the Munich District Court.

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