Kremlin pianist makes recording at Chelski

Kremlin pianist makes recording at Chelski


norman lebrecht

October 31, 2019

Denis Matsuev, the pianist closest to Vladimir Putin, was at Chelsea Football Club yesterday with soccer legend Andrei Shevchenko to make a recording for his video site.

Such a shame he had to see Chelski knocked out of the cup by a reinspired Man United.

Come on you Reds.


  • Petros Linardos says:

    What are the facts behind Denis Matsuev’s characterization as “Kremlin pianist” and “the pianist closest to Putin”?

  • Akutagawa says:

    Blimey, Sheva’s put on a few pounds since he stopped playing. Who ate all the pirogi?

  • Mick the Knife says:

    Could be a nose-tackle in American football on the left.

  • Has=been says:

    Not sure why this is an opportunity to knock Putin, who, after all withnhis government, has probably given more support to the arts than either the UK or US Governments. Sometimes people you don’t agree with do good things and people you agree with due bad things. It is not advisable to be a ‘wonk’.

  • Mark says:

    Putin’s friend or not, Matsuyev’s last Carnegie Hall recital was outstanding (especially the Liszt sonata)

  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    One should not be too harsh on prominent figures who are close to or are supporters of Putin. In spite of all his flaws, Putin is no Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot. There are limits to his sinister ambitions or ruthlessness. He had inherited Russia in a shambolic state from supposedly democratic Boris Yeltsin, and more or less have transformed it as a major power once again. It is an achievement whether we like it or not. Unlike most Western politicians, he also supports arts.

    • Herr Doktor says:

      This is one of the most entertaining responses I’ve seen online of late. Who knew the Russian bots could be funny?

      Thanks for the laughs, comrade!

      • Novagerio says:

        Herr Doktor: Was ist eigentlich so lustig?…
        What Mustafa writes is a fact.

      • Petros Linardos says:

        Herr Dr., Mustafa’s positive facts about Putin are true, but are only a small part of the picture. Being better than Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot is not that positive: arguably billions of people are, as are dozens of world leaders.
        Mustafa is no troll, idiot or Russian agent. After all, he didn’t state that Putin deserved to be thanked before the US forces for the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

      • AnySchiffInAStorm says:

        You win NATO Shill Of The Year Award!!!