Just in: American wins Vienna Philharmonic audition

The Vienna State Opera tells us the Kelton Koch has won the audition for a vacancy in its trombones. He starts work on January 1 and will be eligible for a place in the Vienna Philharmonic after a three-year probation period.

Kelton Koch, who has been playing in the orchestra’s academy since last month, is a student of former Vienna Phil principal Ian Bousfield.


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  • Congrats to Kelton!! Finally they have a full trombone section since 2012. They have had at least two Americans in trombones before Kelton – Jeremy Wilson (2007-2012) and his predecessor William McElheney (1981-2005) in 2nd trombone. If I’m wright, Kelton’s position is 2nd and 3rd / tenor and bass position which was previously held by Mark Gaal who moved to bass trombone position in section.

  • Axl, many thanks for your information about the VPO trombones. I talked to Ian Bousfield laast time he came to Chicago with the VPO. Arutunian’s concerto for trombone was then new. Bousfield said he had talked to Arutunian about it.

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