Jonas Kaufmann receives Vienna gold medal

Nicely timed for the release of an album of Vienna songs, the tenor was awarded the Goldener Rathausmann der Stadt Wien last night by the Mayor of Vienna.

The award followed a recital at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

photo:  C. Probst

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  • Opinions may differ on the quality of his voice, but it’s undeniable that JK has championed Viennese light classical music — and has done it in classy fashion — which makes this recognition well-deserved.

    (He should probably receive one from Budapest as well.)

  • Cowardish times.
    Those who are already famous are given more prices.
    In order to be a jewel in the crown of the price giver?

    Where are the courageous prices?
    Those to outstanding talent that is not (yet) commercially on the top?

    Yawn, yawn, yawn.

  • He really thinks he is the world’s greatest tenor – pushing his new CD as well as a book of photographs & another bio must be exhausting

  • All his bosses met there:his Sony bosses, his political bosses, sponsors and various other big shots. No to mention Mr.Roscic, big Sony boss and big Wiener Staatsoper boss. Kaufmann never misbehaves when his bosses are around. Reason to celebrate. And to give medals.

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