French composer, 87, wins electronic music prize

The 10,000 Euro Giga Hertz Grand Prize 2019 has gone to the composer Eliane Radigue, who is 87 years old and has lived in New York for 40 years.

The prize is notionally for her life’s work. It may also be an epitaph for mid-20th century experimentalism.

when the world was young

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  • Curious how quickly such vision of the musical future has dated, in spite of so much effort to keep it beyond the horizon of the present, in an eternal ‘tomorrow’, while so much music from bygone ages has remained fresh and compellingly part of an eternal present.

  • Well deserved. Her music has a wonderful sense of modesty, never imposing itself on the listener, yet building fascinating three-dimensional sonic landscapes. L’Île resonante alone is worth the money!

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