Domingo poses with musical saint

In the video message that he sent to Mexico for an award ceremony he could not attend last weekend, Placido Domingo decided to pose in front of a famous portrait of Santa Cecilia, patron saint of music.

In the video, he talks of his early music struggles and successes.

Watch here.

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  • lol

    How about late struggles — starting with the voice but ending “you know where” …

  • I imagine early music would indeed be a struggle for him, best leave it to professionals experienced in the field.

  • Horrible sound of heavy breathing, almost like snoring, during most of the video. Especially distracting in the second half. How could they not notice that and play this video in an awards ceremony?

  • Some previous comments seem odd : if you understand Spanish you would simply take what he says as a modest (if somewhat rambling and extemporised) tribute to the people in Mexico who helped him when he was young

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