Domingo is in Mexico to receive major award

The singer is to be honoured on Saturday with the Premio Batuta of the Consejo de Honor in Mexico City.

He will receive the award together with the flautist Horacio Franco, the UK composer Michael Nyman, the conductor Enrique Bátiz and the soprano Irasema Terrazas.

Outside the United States, his reputation is untarnished.

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  • Thoroughly deserved given all the work he did to help the country after the disastrous magnitude 8 earthquake in 1985.

        • Tell more? The ‘ànonymous’ finger-pointers of the MeToo legion have nothing to tell. Strangely, they are always ‘anonymous’.!

          • Yes. There’s no need to tell more. Just cast an aspersion. Destroy a career. Move on.

            I hope these people are proud of themselves.

          • What career has been destroyed? Domingo seems to be sailing along nicely. Stop exaggerating!

          • Obviously “Anonymous” above was trolling you. A feeble joke. And it worked, you’re all riled up and turning the color of ham once again.

          • Experiencing how people like you thread victims I understand that they remain anonymously. Stop victim blaming – and just try to consider once: how would you feel if a man whould treat your daughter like that?

  • Horacio Franco is a great recorder player as well as flautist. Just want to give a shout out for the recorder players!

  • But the US Orchestras ans Operas Careers are tarnished by the extreme left me too movement. European artist should boycott them.

  • Detail: The award was not given to Domingo at the last moment. The sponsors are waiting for results of the ongoing US investigation. The story that his problems are only limited to the US is very likely baloney. None of us know what is happening to Domingo’s future appearances not yet announced and I suspect that these have taken a nose-dive.

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