Death of lyrical Hungarian composer, 76

Friends have reported the passing of Zoltan Jeney, head of composition at the Franz Liszt Academy for two decades and a genial influence on many young composers.

Many of his works – in a restrained, lyrical, pre-minimal style, have been recorded by Hungaroton.

Try some beauty.

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  • Sad news…. so often in these pages one hears of interesting composers for the first time when they leave the planet. The music of the video: beautiful meditative impressionism in objective constellations. Also this has beauty:

    Creating beautiful soundscapes with musical fragments, like watching a large mosaic of which the colours have faded by the passing of time. In this, Jeney sounds rather like Morton Feldman, a similar weaver of tapestries:

    Both types of art emanate a profound sadness, in which the author seems to have totally witdrawn his subjectivity.

    • Sad indeed. Also sad is that this news has received all of 2 comments so far, while the “news” of Lola what’s-her-name’s piano exhibitionism has received 31 — on a website nominally devoted to music.

      Perhaps Jeney’s time will come and his music will gain a greater than infinitesimal profile in concert life.

      • Indeed there seems to be a decline in the level of comments on this site. Either there are too many ‘classical music lovers’ who actually don’t like music at all, or a majority of serious people simply don’t like to comment. So, either not serious enough or too serious.

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