Couple give $100 million to Carnegie Hall

Couple give $100 million to Carnegie Hall


norman lebrecht

October 16, 2019

Joan and Sanford Weill have just topped up their donations to Carnegie Hall, where he is president, by an extra $14.6 million.

That brings their total gift to $100 million.

The sum of $5 million is ringfenced for the Hall’s music education and teacher training programs in New York City public schools.

Other halls, dream on.


  • Classical_music_whisperer says:

    I was there at Carnegie Hall last night when artistic director Clive Gilinson made a special announcement about this before the start of the concert. Joan and Sandy were on hand to receive the honor.

    • John Kelly says:

      So was I and it was an appropriate thank you and generously applauded. If it wasn’t for this kind of philanthropy unfortunately we wouldn’t have been at Carnegie Hall last night because it wouldn’t be there any more. Grimaud was sensational in the Bartok #3 and Yannick gave a nuanced and “more interesting than usual” performance of the Alpine Symphony. Not sure substitute first trumpet has a beautiful sound, but he sure “went for it” albeit that he had a few really nasty clams. Nonetheless, the trombone section is the 8th wonder of the world and the strings, sitting close to the edge of the stage sounded absolutely magnificent. The Phillies are most definitely back and they appeared to be enjoying themselves…….

      • John Kelly says:

        I am pretty sure the trumpet was Billy Hunter from the Met orchestra where he plays so wonderfully. Not many (any) opportunities to blaze away like Harry James or Roger Voisin at the opera house but that’s what he did in the Strauss, mostly to great risk-taking effect, but it wasn’t a perfect outing that’s for sure………….

      • Classical_music_whisperer says:

        It’s a shame this format Norman uses doesn’t allow us to post photos because I took a few beauties of Hélène & Yannick. I never miss the Philadelphia Orchestra when they hit town.

  • Robin Mitchell-Boyask says:

    When they played the Bartok in Philadelphia Yannick let Grimaud drowned out the winds during the slow movement. She was magnificent in the piece, but the conductor really has to rein her in at that moment. That concerto is played far more in Philadelphia than the other two. I love all Bartok, but would prefer more variety.

  • drummerman says:

    What does “ringfenced” mean? Sort of like “ear marked?”

  • NYMike says:

    My wife and I were there as well in our treasured box seats. Principal flute Jeff Khaner was missing. Guest principal oboe Nathan Hughes from the MET was there in addition to Billy Hunter. Seen in the horn section: Julie Landsman retired MET principal horn and teacher of Philly’s principal Jen Montone.

    A sensational performance despite a few spots of not-perfect intonation attributed to the extra forces and guests unusual with Philly.

    • John Kelly says:

      Thanks Mike for the correct oboeist. I also noticed Julie over with her Wagner tuba (fabulous player) and Jen Montone was stellar all night (as usual). There were periods during the performance where it was just physically, viscerally exciting as the piece should be but so often isn’t………..well done all concerned! “Full value” as the say where I come from.

  • Rob says:

    Naturally they’ll want something named after them.

  • John Rook says:

    Shame you changed the opening sentence from Carnegie Halal, which made I titter.

  • Thomas says:

    I was there last night as well. What was Yannick wearing, looked like too tight pajamas? Did not like the Strauss, brass very uneven and sloppy playing. Strings were great. Loud and a bit disappoint ing