André Rieu flees chaotic Chile

André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra were on tour in Chile, due to perform four concerts with 40,000 tickets sold.

They performed Thursday and Friday but cancelled the weekend events under a Government curfew.

Rieu was travelling with over 100 people including orchestra, choir and crew. As regular flights in and out of Santiago were cancelled, Rieu organized a charter flight for the group to Buenos Aires yesterday to evacuate them.

Here’s a message he posted to Chilean fans.

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    • Wrong. I bet a lot of them would have enjoyed a fun evening with Rieu more than ever now, especially in light of all the problems they have.

    • Sigh…sure, he isn’t cool and he is playing “light-classical” music. But that stuff is really hard to play well. And it is enjoyed by lots of people who wouldn’t otherwise listen to orchestral music. Why don’t you let him and them the simple pleasure of enjoying it in peace.

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