Alondra gets major German media boost

The Mexican conductor Alondra de la Parra has been picked to lead the first major classical TV event of the Christmas season in Germany.

She will direct the ZDF Adventskonzert on November 30 with the Saxon Staatskapelle and chorus and soloists Regula Mühlemann and Piotr Beczala.


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    • That someone else than CT is conducting the Adventskonzert for the German television can not at all be regarded as CT’s Dämmerung. It is well established practice that this concert is led by conductors changing every year. E.g., Andres Orozco-Estrada in 2016, Donald Runnicles in 2015, Markus Poschner in 2014 etc.

  • Oh, dear. The photo speaks a thousand words. Please somebody stop this nonsense. She is the best argument against women conductors.

    • In the same way that every overpromoted, undertalented male conductor (of which there are many) is an argument against male conductors, you mean?
      What nonsense.

      • I agree that this is beginning to look abusive — though it may just be another example of SD posters having favourites whom it promotes (e.g.Mirga, Gabriela Montero) and others whom it tends to denigrate either explicitly or implicitly (e.g.Katherine Jenkins, Lang Lang, Gustavo Dudamel and, until common sense or a sense that a fixation on her clothes was getting unseemly appeared to take over, Yuja).

        There are a lot of conductors of various talent out there and this one comes in for nothing but criticism. Apparently Saxon Staatskapelle and chorus and soloists Regula Mühlemann and Piotr Beczala are prepared to work with her. That should be that.

        To be perfectly clear, SD’s owner offered this story as news, without comment. But the usual suspects are on hand to snipe.

        • You have never seen this woman conduct, have you? For if you had you couldn’t possibly even try to defend her. Not if you are not both deaf and blind.

    • Look at the photo? Seriously? Why don’t you google “Leonard Bernstein”, to see whether you can judge how well a male conductor conducts based on whether they look silly in a photo…

      • Marin Alsop is reasonably well regarded. OK, she might not be in among the absolute top conductors but she does have some talent, and has a very solid career conducting professional orchestras.

  • So, I will ask again: when will her filthy rich daddy buy her a full orchestra, so that professional, serious artists are spared the horrors of working with this complete fraud that calls herself a conductor?

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