12 named for women’s conducting contest

12 named for women’s conducting contest


norman lebrecht

October 01, 2019

Message received:

The Philharmonie de Paris and the Paris Mozart Orchestra are delighted to announce the names of the 12 women orchestral conductors who have been selected to participate in the inaugural staging of La Maestra International for Women Conductors, which will take place in Paris from the 16th to the 19th of March 2020:

Mélisse BRUNET, 42 (France)
Sara CANEVA, 28 (Italy)

Stephanie CHILDRESS, 20 (Great Britain / France)
Holly CHOE, 28 (South Korea / USA)
Maria FULLER, 29 (Canada)
Lina GONZALEZ-GRANADOS Lina, 33 (Colombia)
Yuwon KIM, 31 (South Korea)
Jiajing LAI, 28 (China)
Delyana LAZAROVA, 34 (Bulgaria)
Ana Maria PATIÑO-OSORIO, 24 (Colombia)
Rebecca TONG, 35 (USA / Indonesia)
Gladysmarli del Valle VADEL MARCANO, 24 (Venezuela)


  • double-sharp says:

    Can we have 12 names for the Men’s Conducting Contest?

    I’ll get me coat.

    • V.Lind says:

      Oh, sorry — took it by mistake!

      • Erste Geige says:

        The real problem here is as Hans wrote: “looks like all the ones who actually have potential and talent didn’t even bother applying… There are some very good female conductors out there, but unfortunately, none of them are on this list.” If this competition would be about quality rather than equality, I would be totally fine with it.

        • M. says:

          Well, all the good ones who actually have talent don’t apply for for those fake competitions, positions and masterclasses created by Marin Alsop and her Tacky students. The ones with the real potential fight to get their spot in the music world just like the guys do.

    • nomen nescio says:

      There are plenty of sexes, they enlighten us. I recently encountered a non-labeling label “non-binary”. So, where are all the conductor contests?

    • Danny says:

      It is just too easy. Almost every competition has women among participants, but pretty rarely they get the chance to be among 12 participants of last rounds. Sure, many people can say it happens because of mistakes of women-competitors, but the reality is not like that.

  • Still waiting for the International Contest for Black Conductors.

    • EricB says:

      And another for gay ones…
      Oh wait : better (as I suggested in another post, before reading yours) : what about a black, lesbian, female conductors contest ?

  • Jonny says:

    Is this the new equalitarianism? I know it’s trendy and will soon die off, but why do we have to go through this sharade? Competitions should be open for men and women, as should conducting opportunities. The only thing that should matter is whether the conductor is good or not, not if the said conductor pees standing or sitting.

  • Hans says:

    Looks like all the ones who actually have potential and talent didn’t even bother applying… There are some very good female conductors out there, but unfortunately, none of them are on this list.

    • C Porumbescu says:

      So, have you actually heard all twelve of the conductors on this list perform live – in order to be so sure that none of them have “potential and talent”? Serious question: genuinely impressed if so…

      • Hans says:

        I actually did… All of them except for the one who is 20 years old and probably decided to pick up the baton last month. I must also tell you that there is this incredible invention that was introduced lately called “Youtube”, I would suggest you check it out – you might even agree with me on what I wrote here.

      • batonbaton says:

        They have probably all self-posted their ‘careers’ on YouTube so you can do the research there

  • flutista says:

    Another gimmick by Marin Alsop and her Taki mafia. I do support female conductors, but letting such a mediocre “maestra” as MA and her Taki graduates decide which female conductors should be in the center of attention this days and which ones should be censored (because they are way beyond their level) is just ridiculous. WE are the ones who have to play under them (and quietly suffer!) every time she and her students come up with this kind of “delightful” initiatives.

    • G.B says:

      I totally agree. Sadly, those “Taki Fellowship graduates” and M.A know throwing this fake competitions among themselves and for themselves is their only way to get their names out there. It’s clear they have no chance at the real, prestigious competitions such as Malko, Besançon and others.

  • Naomi Pearsom says:

    If only Dermot Morgan were still around to compere! His hosting of the Craggy Island ‘Lovely Girls’ competition would surely have got him the role!

  • EricB says:

    Can’t wait for a contest of black lesbian women conductors… Didn’t you notice in this list how there’s not one African contestant ? This is abominable and absolutely unbearable.

    • ffs says:

      I can hear a committee being formed for that competition as I type this – expect call for entries soon. So, has Childress the repeated violin competition entrant and failed finalist product of Oxbridge superiority now decided to throw in her bow and pick up a baton? God help us. She should realise she’s a no hope and go back to waitressing or whatever failed violinists do

  • Not Hans says:

    Some of the comments on this thread are so full of bitterness, nastiness and sarcasm… Quite astounding. But then, I shouldn’t be surprised as this is often the case on Slipped Disc. As for the selected candidates for this competition, I really look forward to them proving you wrong

  • Karajon says:

    How is this even legal? Isn’t it the worst kind of sexist segregation?

  • MF says:

    Stephanie is a fantastic conductor – worked with her a number of occasions.
    Don’t you realise that anyone can read these horrible, jealous comments? Why can’t people be nice and supportive of young musicians? Instead of being cruel, why don’t you stop wasting your energy here and get on with building your own careers.

    • Hmm says:

      Ah, but you see, anyone who actually has a career would be much more supportive of such a contest… It’s the usual Slipped Disc crowd, the kind of crabby boomer reader that chews out Yuja Wang for showing an ankle, or, as we see here, for daring to enter music at all.

  • Geold says:

    Wow, first time I’ve looked at comments on this site. They make those on The Times etc look positively honeyed. Unbelievably nasty.