Yuja Wang adopts an English composer

The busy pianist is taking Joseph Horovitz’s Clarinet Sonatina on tour next month with Andreas Ottensamer, principal clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonic.

The composer, who is 93, is a friend of ours and I’ve always found this piece irresistible.

Nice to see Yuja and Andreas taking up work from the middle of the 20th century that conforms to no particular agenda other than being good music.


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  • Good for her. For every warhorse or “faddish” classical piece, there are dozens of other worthy compositions that languish in the shadows.

  • I wasn’t aware of this composer or this work, but having just listened to Ottensamer’s recording of it on YouTube, I have to agree with you – this sonatina is absolutely irresistible !

  • I love this piece. It was one of the first works I studied at the RNCM and have never forgotten it. Jack Brymer and David Lloyd played it frequently in concert. Wonderful last movement rumba.

  • There are lots of Joseph Horowitz gems to explore for all sorts of instrumental combinations. Other of his piano works would suit Yuja Wang well.

      • England and the USA benefitted immensily from the émigrés bringing all their expertise and erudition, as it was a devastating culture drain for Germany and Austria. Musicologist, historian and record producer Michael Haas has done great work on the rediscovering of music by exiled composers:


        Wholeheartedly recommended: ‘The Music of Inner Return’, which relates to Horovitz’ music.

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