This review can be only one star or five

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

There is a certain messiness to this album. Not everything fits together the way it should. But the playing of Pat Kop and the Camerata Bern captures the ear and suspends disbelief. No living violinist comes close to this scale of adventure. This review can only be five stars or one, and I know which I choose….

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    • Career cellist here and I agree. Not only good taste, good technique, both of which are sorely lacking. Her playing is undisciplined, sloppy and frequently out of tune and her bowing is all over the map. Like Bartoli, she is a fraud. Her career is not about the music, it is about “Pat Kop!!!!!!!!!!!” and her monstrous ego and the “hype”. You pull moony faces (but only in the slow, sad parts) mug, stomp, spin,spit and flail the rest of the time and voila! you can have a successful career convincing audiences that you are in re-creative transport. Extra points awarded for playing barefoot because of your peasant roots or having a backstory like working as a cleaner (yawn).

  • The same can be said for everything that she does. The daughter of folk musicians, she is definitely idiosyncratic. My wife for instance cannot stand her eccentricities. I am divided, according to what mood I am in. At least she is genuine, unlike that annoying Kennedy.

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