The bride got dumped

What goes through people’s minds when they design record covers in 2019?

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    • I bought a few that way. The Alpine Symphony LP with Mehta and Los Angeles worked out pretty well — spectacular photo, excellent performance:

      Bought that when I was a teenager. As I got to know more about different conductors, orchestras, etc., I stopped relying on album covers as much.

  • The PR they get on Slipped Disc and every where else for it.
    And this PR is desperately needed to sell v. Dohnany’s Symphony Nr. 1 or even get it into retail because most people don‘t know it.

    • I can recall some fairly lurid covers way back on London/Decca LPs of the late 1950s/early 1960s, particularly a Scheherazade (where, true, there is at least an arguable connection to the music). Whether the British Decca versions had the same covers as their American counterparts I do not know.

      The only connection I can think of here between photo and music is that the viola solo in the Dohnanyi Symphony is very lovely. It is clear from the cover photo that this woman is thinking about viola solos — her posture and facial expression are unmistakable.

    • That is a fantastic recording. Never heard another R&J like it. Not a big fan of the Poem of Ecstasy, but the trumpet playing is extraordinary.

      And yes, my 14-year-old self spent a lot of time scrutinizing that nipple 😛

  • I did an image search and it looks like a stock wedding picture by Galina Tcivina called “Blonde Bride In Fashion White Wedding Dress With Makeup”. Can’t get the model’s name and number though. Drats!

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