Statistically, Domingo is not setting the agenda

September was another record month for Slipped Disc, with 1,777,109 readers clocked up on Google Analytics.

It must be Domingo, you’re thinking. Surely the biggest story of the moment,

Actually, no.

Here are our five most-read stories:

1 Her

2 Her

3 Him

4 Her

5 #Metoo

Domingo enters the charts at #7.

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  • u don’t have 1.75 million readers. I don’t think there are 1.75M serious classical music fans period. U had 1.75M total page views. U need to find out how many unique clicks and pageviews per visit to approximate your readership. I see a lot of the same commentators, some of whom probably click thru multiple times and pages, so your readership is much smaller. Check your comparables/ competitive sites.

  • From UK, if you do Google News on Barenboim, the top 5 or 6 news articles are from SD. You’re pretty much cornering the market on DB news

  • Imagine what a hit all stories combined would be!

    Start to harrass, fall out with your orchestra, then die and blame the record company for it.

  • It’s not for lack of trying, statistically, there were more articles on Domingo than any other.

    I am convinced Domingo’s PR team set this whole thing up as a publicity stunt to get press and buzz, ergo all those “anonymous” accusers.

  • If there are several posts around one story, then the readership is fragmented.

    There were 19 Domingo stories in September. How do they add up compared to Mutter?

    What about Mirga? There were only two posts on her in September.

  • Might it be interesting to compare each of these five with the number of male vs. female readers (if your analytics show that) to see which group of readers gravitate to which people? For instance, to see if it’s men or women who visit the “her” pages and the “#Metoo pages.” Could be revealing of your audience for readers if not for advertisers.

  • I know a lot of people use Anon or Anonymous, but I wonder who the most frequent commentators are ? Mr Borstlap and Sally are probably high on the list

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