Sicklist: Ivan saves Berlin Phil weekend

Mikko Franck has just called in sick for tonight’s concert, and the following two nights.

Happily, Ivan Fischer is around to jump in – though it’s hardly his choice of music:

Einojuhani Rautavaara Apotheosis
Sergei Prokofiev 2nd piano concerto
Claude Debussy Printemps (Orch. version)
Maurice Ravel Daphnis et Chloé, Suite Nr. 2


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  • He also does concerts where the audience gets to choose which pieces are played, by voting from a catalogue. For which, a wide repertoire and an ability to conduct pieces without immediately preceding or recent rehearsal, would seem to be rather important!

  • The only piece on that program that Maestro Fischer may not be familiar with is the Rautavaara opener. However, I’m fairly confident Maestro Fischer can read music so everything ought to go OK.

    • In this case it would probably be more accurate if your last sentence read:
      I’m fairly confident Maestro Fischer the musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker can read music so everything ought to go OK.

  • Good for Berlin Phil. Ivan Fisher is one of the best around. I think he is an underestimate conductor and I hope he’ll be the next cheff of the RCO.

    • His Beethoven symphony cycle was a huge disapointment for sll involved, Jan Raes wanted Fischer, the orchestra voted clearly for Gatti.
      After sacking him, they are still without chief. Maybe it is not so easy to follow after Gatti. It is one of the best orchestras, they should be able to get whoever they want. What is happening there? Maybe it was not such a great idea to sack Gatti… since then the irchestra is loosing international positioning.

    • I think Ivan Fischer is committed to the Budapest Festival Orchestra. Which might mean he really can not do the job at the Concertgebouw. In any case they may not want someone so firmly associated with another orchestra.

    • Entirely agree with you here. I live a mere hour north of Philly, and yet, when it comes to concert attendance, I am more apt to drive to Boston. I already have purchased tickets to two November concerts to hear Nelsons and the BSO’s continued traversal of the Shostakovich symphonies.

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