Absentees: Currentzis cuts out

Absentees: Currentzis cuts out


norman lebrecht

September 17, 2019

The unpredictable Greek has cancelled the rest of September.

Michael Sanderling will take over his duties at SWR.



  • The View from America says:

    Maybe he’s been tapped to star in a remake of the movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” and is needed on-set.

  • asylumkeeoer says:

    The list of locations he can never work in again grows ever longer.

    • Confused says:


      • The View from America says:

        Has something to do with “Willie” Wonka (see above).

        • asylumkeeper says:

          And also something to do with serial breaches of contract. Thee-Adore’s presence in Russia was deemed so very important, that President Putin personally awarded him express Russian citizehship, without any of the usual boring rules. How was that rewarded? By running out on his advertised Diaghilev Festival – and by leaving the Governor of Perm Region left to face the press on his own – as TC had skipped off to Germany, with a two-word SMS by way of farewell.

          No word so far from Diaghilev Festival and Perm Opera & Ballet Theatre sponors, Sony Music.

          Latest – TC has now stuffed-over the most recent dupes to fall for hisworthless promises – and waltzed out of his contract with the SWR orchestra too.

  • miles away says:

    Currentzis the master of PR and BS!
    Typical Greeky crap.

    I can think of maybe one concert of his that was any good.
    The rest were either dreadfully ugly or utter tedium.
    Most of them were just overhyped crap.

    I have recorded loads.

    Then there his penchant weirdo perversions for Mozart DDD recordings cut to vinyl, dragging in Sony into recordings where there are much better local talents for recording them, paying vast amounts to put foreign soloists into his bl..dy Russian opera prods, paying them 5X higher salaries compared with local talents, despite the local Russians being 10x better…and of course the Perm region mega salary, so he can make people believe sun shines out of his A..s

    The faster he is shown to be a mega fraudster the better,
    – like of course the other Ilya Musin, Mariinski faker,- Gergiev.

  • Tuttifrutti says:

    Alles nur Neider!