Sick note: Janine Jansen cries off tour

The remarkable Dutch violinist, who missed the start of the season with an unspecified illness, has pulled out of a South America tour with the Luxembourg Philharmonic.

She will be replaced by Simone Lamsma and Julian Rachlin.

We wish Janine a full recovery.


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  • Janine Jansen is a fabulous violinist. But so is Simone Lamsma. South American concertgoers will get their money’s worth.

  • “Cries off tour?” What an odd headline.

    I don’t know the details of Janine’s illness but I wonder if more musicians are not revealing that they are dealing with stress injuries? Being a soloist is a tough racket and tours like this probably takes their toll on joints and muscles over time.

  • Looks like we will never have her down here any soon so heart breaking, I was looking forward this for years. I’m sure this other violinist is good of course but this is not why I paid for.

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