Second job for rising Anja

Second job for rising Anja


norman lebrecht

September 19, 2019

The German conductor Anja Bihlmaier, newly appointed chief conductor in The Hague, has taken a second job in Finland.

She will be principal guest at the Lahti orchestra, where the chief is Dima Slobodeniouk. She starts next year.



  • Gustavo says:


    She’ll have to swot-up her Sibelius.

    No objections against a new Wood Nymph.

  • Larry W says:

    Good for Anja, but a German trained conductor going to Finland is a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle.

  • Karl says:

    So she’ll be a Slobo sub then? I can’t pronounce or even spell Slobodeniouk.

  • batonbaton says:

    Very nice! Can’t wait to hear her with either (or any other) orchestra – colleagues in the know tell me she is musical, intelligent with interesting ideas and a solid technique.

  • Kristian Lehtosalo says:

    Congrats to Lahti, she’s a great conductor!