Netrebko is serenaded at the Met, but where’s Domingo?

It was the diva’s 48th birthday and she managed to look surprised.

But the Met is not a happy house at the moment with Domingo skulking around in the same production of Verdi’s Macbeth. We hear from a deep throat that there have been complaints about his presence from members of the chorus, among others. No action is being taken but the situation is being monitored day by day. We are told it is pretty tense.


UPDATE: Now there are complaints at the Met

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  • “But the Met is not a happy house at the moment with Domingo skulking around in the same production. We hear from a deep throat that there have been complaints about his presence from members of the chorus, among others. No action is being taken but the situation is being monitored day by day. We are told it is pretty tense.”

    I wonder if they would feel uncomfortable if it had not been in the media. As if suddenly after 50 years performing there every year he is a different person now.

    • It’s extensively documented in the multiple articles that Domingo’s presence has, in fact, made staff uncomfortable for decades. The AP articles discuss extensive whisper networks and protection arrangements among staff at opera houses to ensure they’re never alone with Domingo.
      The difference is that, now, people are aware these networks exist.

      • And at the same time 99% of all these people were fighting to get just a minute of his attention wherever he showed up.

        • Yeah. Because, as the articles and their numerous testimonies make clear, he’s THE Placido Domingo, and a good word from him can make (or break) a career. And because management didn’t care, so what’s one staffer going to do?

        • Not remotely true. He’s been a presence to avoid for decades. The prevailing opinion is he should have retired more than two decades ago. His gigantic and repulsive narcissism and the protection of Ann Ziff and the board won’t allow that though.

    • This is the problem with all this. ‘We hear that…..’ If I wanted to I could start a rumour in a heartbeat. Therefore this SLIPPED DISC report operates on the level of office/bar/pub gossip. Its puerile like the tabloid comics that people read as news. ITS GOSSIP……

      • The difference between you starting a rumour and this is a solid reporter team from the AP, the fact checking department of the AP, and the legal department of the AP. Plus 21 allegations and over three dozen corroboration witnesses (all fact checked by the above).
        Not to mention that multiple dozen newspapers around the world have deemed this reporting credible enough to reproduce it in their pages.

  • So when is that pampered group ever happy? From the chorus director (no supporter of Gelb) on down, they complain incessantly, despite high pay, great benefits, and (almost) unshakeable job security. They ought to keep in mind that Mr. Domingo has contributed immeasurably through his artistry and ability to attract audiences to the security that they now enjoy and take for granted. Ungrateful lot.

  • A deep throat – aha – … – well, I have different information, and not from a whatever throat but first hand from a chorister ( female) who told me that Mr. Domingo sounds fresh and like „a million bucks“ and that all love and support Him.

  • The current treatment of Domingo in the USA, definitely the greatest singer of his time as Zubin Mehta pointed out, is utterly disgusting. If classical music survives, these current tendencies to blacken peoples names and destroy their careers will be judged in the way the prison sentence of Oscar Wilde was judged after his death (even though he could have been in trouble once again if it was today, afterall he did like boys, some of whom could have been under aged).

    • “I hope this is not true. Otherwise, MET does not show its best side, trusting lies and slander.”

      You meant, what you hope to be “lies and slander.” Because you don’t know that. In other words, a lot of wishin’ and hopin’, no thinkin’ but prayin’ here.

  • Placido Domingo is not “skulking around in the same production”. He is presently at the Met rehearsing the lead role in Macbeth to fulfill his contractual obligations. He is showing an amazing strength under all this enormous pressure.If he withdrew for “personal reasons” everyone would understand. But, he is a true professional and is still a committed artist. I wish him great success on opening night. And new respect for the Met for keeping him on amidst all the turmoil.I didn’t think Gelb had it in him.

  • PRESS FREEDOM – but not like this!
    It is now almost 6 weeks and the horror scenario around Placido Domingo goes on and on. What comes from America is not reporting, it’s an execution without evidence. A shame for every truthful journalist, who sometimes even risks his life with his research and reports. What kind of world do we actually live in? I don’t feel comfortable with this development!!!!

  • With the exception of Porgy & Bess, which is an imported CG production, the MET’s season looks pretty bleak. Gelb is hanging onto anything he can to stay alive. Desperate times make for deals with the devil.

  • It is quite clear that Placido Domingo is slated to take the fall for behaviors that have been tolerated by the establishment for centuries. Nothing better than a celebrated, world-renowned, legendary scapegoat.
    Destroying a great man, based on mostly anonymous allegations, for historic, past misdemeanors is cruel and shameful. He has not raped anyone and backed off eventually, maybe not always as fast as he should have . He is no threat to anyone’s career or safety now. Concentrate on changing attitudes and behaviors going forward, but leave the man alone! Would you be happier if he had a heart attack or a stroke from all this stress?
    Institute policies and procedures to deal with sexual harassment in the work place.This is what administrators
    are paid big $$ for.

  • As tacky as all of this is, it’s a miracle to get the Metropolitan inline for a relevant news story.

    This can be very good PR for the Met if they handle it well.

    The longer they hem and haw, the worse it looks.

  • When is rumour, hearsay and gossip going to be stopped being published about the accusations of sexual harassment against Domingo. People with concerns about his behaviour should have come forward at the time, not wait20to 30 years before saying anything.
    Nobody says anything about the sexual harassment Domingo has suffered from during his career.

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