Marin Alsop to conduct locked-out musicians

Musicians of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra have announced a free concert led by Marin Alsop and featuring a combined choir from the choral community of Baltimore, including the Carter Legacy Singers. Soloists are soprano Janice Chandler-Eteme and baritone Brian Stokes Mitchell.

The music director is clearly indicating where her sentiments lie in this unending act of mismanagement.


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  • Will Marin Alsop take a pay cut when the musicians are forced to? And they will be forced to take a pay cut because the money isn’t there to keep paying them.

    • I don’t know, but it does happen sometimes. If it does, and the knowledge becomes public, will she be accused of publicizing her pay cut to make herself look good?

      • Hartford Music Director Carolyn Kuan stated that she would take a cut along with her musicians, and that may have helped them agree to it and save the orchestra. I didn’t hear anyone criticize her for it. What ticks me off is that the management never takes pay cuts when these things happen.

  • She’s a musician. I would hope her sympathies lay with the musicians. Otherwise, her future work with them would be untenable.

  • Good for her! I remember Stanislaw Skrowaczewski showing where his sympathies were by conducting the “musicians of” the Minnesota Orchestra during The Great Lockout. I wondered if he may never be invited to conduct at orchestra hall again….. but in the end he conducted the very first concert *after* the lockout ended.

    These strikes and lockouts quickly become ridiculous – you can’t have the Baltimore Symphony or the Minnesota Orchestra by firing or driving away the players. So everybody sit down around the table, do some give-and-take, and NEGOTIATE.

  • She could speak out more in favor of the musicians who have been locked out for 11 weeks. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me was a missed opportunity to talk about her wonderful orchestra. Same could be said for the recent Baltimore Sun article. With Marin, it’s always about her. It makes me wonder if she really cares about music anymore.

  • I hope things get better and Maestra Alsop gets more work there and elsewhere. I am not being nice, it is just we don’t want her here in Wien…

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