Latest: Dallas dumps Domingo

Message from Dallas Opera:

In light of ongoing developments regarding allegations made against Plácido Domingo, The Dallas Opera has decided to cancel the March 11, 2020 gala, in which he was scheduled to perform.

This, so far, is the only industry response to the latest sheaf of nameless AP accusers.


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  • The accusers are NOT nameless, nor are they anonymous. Two gave permission to have their names published. The others’ names are known and recorded. These are not akin to spurious hotline calls.

    • Of course you are correct.
      But their assertions would be more powerful, just as your own comment would be, were it not hidden behind anonymity or a pseudonym

      • That claim would only be true if they hadn’t actually been interviewed in person by a journalist, whose team fact checked their claims by speaking with corroborating witnesses who worked with these women. This isn’t like some anonymous poster on the internet.

      • Sorry, Ms. Worth, but I’m not here to impress you. Nor am I willing to risk my career in opera by making a statement on the record. Sound familiar?

    • The names are known to and guarded only by the AP, not to law enforcement or the judicial system. The AP is acting as judge, jury and executioner with no checks and balances. We have every right to question that.

    • And the reporting media outlet is the Associated Press — it’s hardly some rag. Their standards are high enough that everyone trusts them to call election winners.

    • Accusing him of what exactly?
      Offenses of criminal relevance?
      Or more feelings of discomfort?
      Have we lost sight completely (of he principles of the rule of law)?
      Apparently, just look at the neurotic clown that was democratically elected as US president, the nay alternative having been another corporate mouthpiece and clown.
      If someone watches this planet from outside, they will wonder what happened to us, what causes our current retardation, our current apparent mental decline.

  • The whole Domingo debacle is ridiculous.
    He is a spectacular artist and is well-known as a soft spoken generous person. Especially generous to his colleagues. That in this time of ‘Me Too’ that some women have come out anonymously accusing against him is absurd. There are many women who perhaps have been with him. That is not a guarantee for a future leading-career
    as a singer. Any woman who was ever ‘with’ Mr. Domingo wanted to be with him. Now they want to blame him for their non-careers. The accusers name Mr Domingo but they remain ignominiously anonymous. Being tried in the press is hardly innocent until proven guilty.
    Grow up girls.

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