Ireland faces losing its classical radio station

Irish colleagues are warning of a present and immediate threat to the survival of RTE Lyric FM, the republic’s classical station.

The station has been running for 20 years but a national debate on the future of broadcasting has put its funding under scrutiny and a leading TV current affairs programmes says it’s touch and go.

Its disappearance would be disastrous.


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  • It would be really a shame if this station disappeared. When visiting my daughter in Cork I always listen to it. Just love it.

  • I wonder whether there is much interest in classical music in Ireland to begin with. The classical music scene there is only slightly superior that of New Zealand and cannot even be compared to that of Australia let alone UK. Strange.

  • There’s far too much cozy chat on this station – even more annoying than Classic FM. Time these soft ‘n relaxing warm bath lifestyle stations just gave up.

  • If the RoI considers itself to be in any way a civilised country, then funding HAS to be found to keep this invaluable source of culture!

  • Are the Wexford Festival operas still going? They did Meyerbeer’s “L’etoile du nord” with Juan Diego Florez in a tiny role at the very start of his career. He had two lines to sing.

    The Dublin Philharmonic played at a local college a few years ago. i’d not heard of them and afterword understood why.

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