Having 2 orchestras is always better than 1

Having 2 orchestras is always better than 1


norman lebrecht

September 06, 2019

Edward Gardner, newly appointed chief conductor of the London Philharmonic, has just renewed with the Bergen Philharmonic in Norway to 2023.

So it goes.




  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    He is wonderful. I hope to see more of Edward in the US in the coming years. We shared a Prokofiev 3 in Milwaukee nearly a dozen years ago and he was still quite young and very brilliant. He should have a US orchestra and probably will soon.

    • Eli Bensky says:

      Soon, Andreas Orozco Estrada will have 3 European Orchestras plus the Houston Symphony but don’t mention Prokivfiev. It’s too new and avant garde for Houston

  • Novagerio says:

    The venerated Bernard Haitink had the Concertgebouw and the LPO at the same time, and at a much younger age than Edward Gardner. Any complaints there?…

  • Malcolm James says:

    Two orchestras may not be a problem in itself, but the travelling can exacerbate it. London and Bergen are only a couple of hours flying time apart.

  • Gustavo says:

    Paavo has Zurich, Bremen, and NHK… and a massive CO2-footprint!

    But not as bad as Daniel Harding’s future impact.

  • Benjamin Staern says:

    I adore his conducting a lot!!! Tillykke Bergen!

  • GermánGV says:

    Ed Gardner is absolutely excellent. These two wonderful orchestras are lucky to have such a terrific conductor. I just wished he did more opera!

  • Søren Sørensen says: