LA’s Domingo investigation is at a very early stage

E-mails went out this week from investigator Debra Wong Yang of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher inviting staff members of LA Opera to share any relevant experiences with their general director Placido Domingo.

‘We intend to speak with many current and former employees and contractors of the LA Opera,’ the message added.


The signs are that this will be a large-scale inquiry that will not be resolved for many months, possibly until after Domingo has announced that, in his 80th year, he has reached retirement age.

Expect no further news from this quarter for a while.

The action is happening elsewhere.


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  • Her client is paying her and her firm handsome fees to conduct a public relations whitewash. You watch. She is, after all, head of her firm’s Crisis Management practice. And that says it all.

  • Imagine a statement to the effect: “we invite any member of the public to share their story of criminal activity relating to Mr. X.” And how many do you suppose would be purely unsubstantiated, much less fictional and bizarre?

    You realize this is nothing short of Mao’s Cultural Revolution? You SJW “woke” warriors and scolds should be ashamed of yourselves!

    • You’re right Doug, this is nothing short of the killing and displacement of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Apt comparison.

    • Correct. They would have loved the living in Russia where people were encouraged to dob on each other and report to ‘the authorities’. And they were lefties too in that ‘regime’!!!!!

      These gulls today think their kind of ‘investigations’ are not the same. This is ALL ABOUT power; shifting the axis of power away from institutions to the new woke Left. Read Pasternak’s “Dr. Zhivago”.

    • What are you so afraid of? If there is a false accusation the person won’t be able to present any evidence and it will disregarded. It someone comes forward with evidence, then the allegation will hopefully be investigated further. That’s exactly how an investigation works.

      Would you just rather there was no investigation? Is that your ideal scenario?

      As for your question about how many will be “unsubstantiated, much less fictional and bizarre”, it’s hard to know. Between 2% and 10% of rape allegations turn out to be false, according to studies. But in this case we will have to wait and see.

  • How many years has Domingo been exhibiting this sexual predator Behavior at the LA Opera?

    It’s time for everyone to realize that the accusations these women have made have been profoundly and substantially backed up by numerous Opera employees and backstage Observers.

    The accusations have been corroborated by many people who are actual witnesses to this predatory behavior.

    And to make matters worse a number of these people have gone on record as saying they did all they could to protect vulnerable women from the sexual predator for years.

    Here we’re talking about a hostile work environment and the real perpetrator is the LA Opera.

    As a result of this they will finally probably get a decent employee handbook or guidelines which will allow them to handle a situation like this properly even if the perpetrator is a
    ” great big star “.

    • To summarize, what we do know is he likes women, is persistent, takes no for an answer and doesn’t punish those who say no, professionally. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

    • Perhaps they all need to behave like responsible adults and take care of dealing with unpleasantness themselves instead of falling back on “the committee”. Very scary stuff. Bad things happen; the state controlling that leads to problems none of you want for a second!! Not if you have an IQ bigger than 95.

      Feminists are behind some of this; the same cohort who demand the right to equality in the military. You just couldn’t make up this stuff!!!

  • Don’t rush to judgment about a “whitewash” or PR stunt. This is the lawyer and law firm behind the investigation of sexual harassment at the University of Southern California that ended in criminal charges against a campus doctor, the resignation of the University’s president, and a nationwide search for a successor–plus a shakeup of the Board of Trustees….Exhaustive report, compelling findings that led to strong action all the way to the top of USC.

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