Daniel Barenboim wins Adenauer prize

The city of Cologne has named Daniel Barenboim as the next recipient of the Konrad Adenuaer prize for his ‘boundless courage’ in showing that ‘music releases a peacemaking power.’

‘Daniel Barenboim has found a connecting element with music that brings together people from different cultures,’ said the city’s mayor Henriette Reker.

The award, named after the first post-War Chancellor who was pre-War mayor of Cologne, recognises ‘living and working in a big city, innovative and courageous contributions to the development of a liveable city worldwide, to European integration or to the preservation and strengthening of local self-government in a Europe that is growing together.’


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    • You say you don’t care, but then go on to condescendingly suggest he attend an anger management program. Are there hypocrisy management programs? Programs for the prior removal of beams in your own eye before attending to the motes in the eyes of others?

    • Nothing against you or your comment, but I’m always fascinated how ‘Could care less’ and ‘Couldn’t care less’ apparently mean the same thing, depending on where you were brought up. If one ‘could’ care less, then clearly the issue at stake leaves one reasonably indifferent, which seems to be at odds with the emotion it provokes.

      Barenboim IS a grumpy old bastard, though.

    • Dear Sir, first check your syntax and spelling . Then check your facts : Barenboim is spending a lifetime in bridging the Israeli-Palestinian gap.Listen to his joint Arab-Israeli orchestra and then profess your ignorance.

      • That orchestra is a mere symbolic gesture and does nothing to ‘bridge the gap’ between those two groups of locals. As long as a majority don’t listen to classical music, such gestures are not very effective.

    • Any day now I expect to see him floating about my house like any other hot-air balloon. But I probably won’t be able to see him above the basket!!

  • Benjamin Britten was infamous for ‘corpsing’ people of no further use to him or who had supposedly upset him in some small way. And Barenboim has similarly dropped great people like the violinist Schlmo Minz and cellist Matt Haimovitz both of whom he used to do high-profile concerts with.

    I really wonder about his “peacemaking” skills

  • In view of certain recent headlines about this gentleman, the fact that this award is for showing ‘music releases a peacemaking power’ shows that these awards are a load of politically motivated baloney

  • Well-deserved award to a great musician and humanitarian who believes that Israel should treat the Palestinians and Arabs living under its control decently and humanely.

    Do you know a conductor who’s not grumpy or egoistical?

  • Oh my god, you mean people can have more than one facet to their personalities?

    Perhaps it is possible, after all, to be an ambassador of peace between peoples and also sometimes an asshole to individual people. (I wonder if Paderewski, Casals, or Rostropovich were ever unpleasant to anyone…)

  • Between 1939 and 1945 German orchestras played Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” 9th Symphony in “heavy rotation,” but I don’t think it did much for the cause of peace.

    The peace inducing properties of music are a much exaggerated load of soft-headed “New Age” happy talk. Still a worthwhile and meaningful human pursuit, though.

  • To my opinion DB’s attempts to bring peace are clueless.Waste of time.It brings him more glory than deserved.Why has he 3 passports??
    This said he has wonderful recordings and I treasure many of them.
    His extraordinary memory fascinates me….

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