Daniel Barenboim ‘needs to wear a body-com at work’

Persistent allegations of workplace rages and other anti-social acts have prompted a writer in Der Tagesspiegel to suggest that the Staatsoper music director should, like policemen, wear a body-cam to work.

Ridiculous? Not in the present climate.


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    • Also, DB needs to think more of physical welfare of his charges.. A couple of seasons ago his orch did a Carnegie Hall residency where ALL nine Bruckner symphonies were performed in a week.
      No commentator could think of a similar case of this composer in such a short space of time.

      For string players all those tremolos are extremely tiring to the wrist and Br. Is very hard work on horn players. A cycle is those few days was really to glorify the conductor who did almost all of them from memory. I’m reliably told that the orch representatives did object to the insane physical demands of doing this cycle, but it didn’t get them very far

      • It is quite possible that any orchestra DB conducts will have a (very) large complement of players, plus quite a number of ‘extra’ players drafted in for the occasion. On that basis MOST of the players would be able to pace themselves and, do not forget the advice I was once given by a well extablished violinist, which was that if I intended to become a professional orchestral string player, ‘you need to be as fit as a rugby player’.

  • It is almost a relief that allegations against him are not sexual in nature. There are two annoying things at the moment that seem interminable. One is the spurious sexual allegations appearing out of nowhere against anyone who is famous after every few weeks, always based on vaguely remembered past events. The other thing is the ongoing Brexit fiasco. Frustrating times indeed.

    • Right, but who stole it?
      Tagesspiegel, BMW, or DB himself?

      By the way, looking at the above body-cam clip, it looks as if DB is conducting Tristan & Isolde without a score.


  • Hmm…here’s an idea: don’t be a jerk, don’t harass anyone in any way, and just make the best music. No need for body cams!


  • Great conductors are few. B is not one of them. He always impressed me as being a Furtwangler wannabe. He should have stuck with the piano – only. At least there he’d be in the company of other good pianists who never ventured outside the mainstream – meaning predictable but competent.

  • ==Somebody needs to photoshop DB’s teeth

    Oh, so SD is now addressing dental issues 😉
    My vote for best musician’s teeth is the white and pearly George Benjamin.

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