Anna Netrebko: I’ve no idea who’s singing Macbeth

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  • Between the GM’s days seeking to diminish and dismiss the Domingo case (hoping it would blow away by the 25th), a Lady Macbeth sounding sloppy and droopy, and a 11th hour scramble to procure a serviceable baritone for the title role, level new meaning to The Wreckopolitan Opera.

    And let us not lose sight of this –

  • What happened to that old adage The Show Must Go On?
    Artists are contracted to work and last minute changes for whatever reason are not at all unusual for Opera performances.
    When an artist does not care for how the administration conducts the business at the Met, then maybe they should part company with the Met.
    This is certainly no time for artistic temperament or just downright troublemaking.

    • Huh? She went onstage and gave it her best shot. She just wasn’t sure with whom she would be performing. Given that some of the scenes can be quite intermate, I can well understand that it made her feel a bit nervous.

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