7 years jail for journalist who killed a pianist

7 years jail for journalist who killed a pianist


norman lebrecht

September 22, 2019

The Spanish journalist Julio de la Guardia has received a seven-year sentence in a Jerusalem court for the hit-and-run killing of a promising ultra-Orthodox pianist and composer, Haim Tukachinsky.

Haim was 30 and on the threshold of discovery.

Report here (in Hebrew).


  • double-sharp says:

    Only 7 years? What softies the Israelis have become. With remission this little weasel will be out in four.

    • Karl says:

      The charges were manslaughter and abandoning the scene of a crime, also driving while under the influence, running a red light and speeding. To compare with the US I looked it up and see in the US the base sentence for involuntary manslaughter under federal sentencing guidelines is a 10 to 16 month prison sentence.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    This is what I call “shit happens” sentencing. All of it coming from the Left who traded punishment for victimhood.

  • John Borstlap says:

    7 years is very cheap for a young human life. Such people should at least serve 40 years behind bars.