Pole blanks Covent Garden

The Polish baritone Mariusz Kwiecień, a regular canceller this year, has withdrawn from singing Malatesta in Donizetti’s Don Pasquale in October ‘due to personal reasons’.

His replacement is the Austrian Markus Werba.

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  • Clearly he has some kind of ongoing vocal issue that he hasn’t yet been able to resolve, whether it’s technical or physical. You don’t start Les pêcheurs de perles only to drop out after Act I three performances in a row unless something is very wrong. No singer wants to not sing.

  • Lets hope is just a vocal issue and not something more serious. He was a wonderful Malatesta with Netrebko.

  • He is a charming and gifted performer/artist, I only hope these difficulties are not too hard on him and he can enjoy his life regardless, or at least heal from this soon.

    • Well aren’t you just a charmer? Clearly there is something wrong with him. No singer want to cancel. Surely singers want and need to sing. It seems they cannot win either way. Cancel and they are castigated by people like you. Likewise sing and give a bad performance and the same happens. You clearly have no empathy. Get a life!

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