Tony Woodcock’s back

The faltering ex-head of Boston’s New England Conservatory has been named Interim Dean of the School of Music at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Woodcock, who managed the Liverpool and Bournemouth orchestras in England, went on to head the Oregon Symphony and the Minnesota Orchestra, leaving the latter when it was heading for the rocks. His term at NEA, ending in 2015, was marred by personal conflicts. He then announced a return to the UK, where no jobs awaited.


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  • The next NEC President should be Donald Weilerstein. Imagine the memorable commencement speeches he’d give. I’d pay a ticket to see that!

  • Folks should know the facts: NEC did quite well under Woodcock. Fundraising was strong, programs, faculty hires. His issue was that he spoke out as if he was an independent entity instead of a conservatory president who cannot say anything he wants on a public blog.

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