Time to give up classics: Liam Gallagher loves our music

Time to give up classics: Liam Gallagher loves our music


norman lebrecht

August 09, 2019

The former Oasis frontman has told Twitter followers he’s chilling to Erik Satie, prompting a run on the Gymnopédies.



  • Ann Nomynous says:

    What nonsense.

    • Chris says:

      What is nonsense, in your esteemed opinion. Satie’s music, or the fact that a ‘pop’ musician professes to like it?

  • Patricia Yeiser says:

    What is Oasis when it’s at home?

  • Kyle says:

    ‘Twas ever thus –

    Back in my CD selling days I mostly did classical, but on one occasion I was stopped by a young lady in the electronica section who was looking for a recommendation. I begged off saying I mostly did classical and knew very little about electronica.

    She asked something like, “Oh, you know Sadie?” (Pronounced like the married lady, which I stupidly failed to understand.) She indignantly questioned my knowledge of classical.

    Some how or another I figured it out and said, “Oh, you mean Erik Satie, the French composer who along with Marcel Duchamp was one of the most important artists in dadaism and is best known for his Gymnopedies.”

    I most often tried not to be a pretentious classical music guy, but sometimes you just had to.

    • Robert Groen says:

      That girl must have figured you for a right prat. That is, if this story isn’t made up from beginning to end.

      • Kyle says:

        Obviously, you think I’m a jerk, but why would anyone make that up?

        I thought “pretentious classical music guy” was self-admonishing enough, but “right prat” works, too. In either case, I thought it related to the posted material and some of the readership might find some humor in it. I’m sorry you did not.

  • Frank says:

    Well. Satie = Supersonic to me.
    Or at least Shakermaker.

  • Donatello says:

    Are people allowed to sleep in elevators?

  • V.Lind says:

    Oh, well, anything that gets an Edouard Cortes painting, let alone several, used as an illustration is all right by me. Ta, Liam.

    An I love the Gymnopédies. I first heard that music when it was used as a score to a Frederick Ashton ballet (Monotones; he used Gnossiennes as well). One of the most perfect fusions of dance and music I have ever seen and heard — but I usually applauded Sir Fred’s musical taste.

    As for you, Mr, Lebrecht — if Liam Gallagher liked one of your favourite foods, would you give it up? He appears to like sleeping — is that now off your activity list? What’s his sin?

    It’s one thing for people around here to sneer — increasingly a default posture of SD posters — at pop singers performing classical work. But to excoriate them by sneering for simply listening to it — didn’t Sting get a shot the other day? — is a bit, well, tyrannical. I gather young Mr. Gallagher is a bit of a thug as well as, apparently, a very able musician in his own genre. But, my goodness, if we started backing away from the music appreciated by thugs with rather worse records than that of a tantrum-given pop singer, we would be forsaking the centrepieces of the repertoire.

  • V.Lind says:

    BTW, not very keen on that “our.” Who are “we” and who defines the parameters of humanity that qualify?