The happiest kind of cancellation

When Tanglewood put out its latest change of cast, a deep sigh of seen-it-all-before went around the Slipped Disc desk.

‘Hang on,’ said the guvnor. ‘This is not the usual cop-out. It’s the best news ever.’

Our dear friend Ingrid Fliter has discovered she’s pregnant and the doctors have forbidden her to fly.

Ingrid, 45, got married not long ago to longterm boyfriend Anton Dressler and had a gloriously flaky conversation with me a few months back in Denmark about the benefits, or otherwise, of having a child.

Looks like Nature had the last laugh.

Gilmore winner Ingrid Fliter will be replaced at Tanglewood on August 23 by debutant Conrad Tao.

The rest is pure happiness.


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  • Wonderful pianist, best wishes…

    The cancellation is totally justified, but does it need to be glorified? If she were booked for this fall as a soloist with, say, Mirga, at any orchestra other than the CBSO, would be wax lyrical about the joint cancellations?

  • Heartiest congratulations to my darling friend! I knew immediately when I spotted the cancellation!!

  • My best wishes, hopes, and prayers are for her, and for the LO!

    My gf gave birth as a first-time mother at age 42, and… it was 40 hours of labor.

    All turned out well, though.


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