Relief in Salzburg at Netrebko’s return

The festival reports that the diva has recovered from her cold and will sing the remaining two performances of Adriana Lecouvreur, starting last night.

At her eleventh-hour cancellation last Wednesday, some in the fat-cat audience tore up their 330-Euro tickets and stormed out.

There was further uproar when she was seen enjoying herself in town the following day.

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  • To have a cold may have consequences for the voice and result in a cancellation, but it does n o t mean, she lives in a cage and is not allowed to walk in town! She is not a prisoner. People who are not singing should be quiet, to be unable to sing professionally on an evening is one cup of tea, to go out the next day is another. And her husband has not deserved any critics because his wife cancelled due to feeling unable to sing.

  • Oh, she finally had some bellboy turn off the a/c…well, let’s hope Salzburg shows it’s best rainy summer weather then (!)

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