Pianist leads protest against Canadian gold diggers

The politically engaged Turkish pianist Fazil Say has given an open-air concert for thousands of spectators in the northwest province of Canakkale to protest against Government-sanctioned deforestation by a Canadian gold-mining firm, Alamos Gold Inc.

Fazil calls it ‘a massacre of nature… of plants andn anmals.’


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  • Easy to criticize the Canadians from such a distance. Why doesn’t he protest against his own government and publicly declare Erdogan as a “murderer and rapist of nature”? It’s all about virtue signaling which is just a symptom of a deep sickness of the soul.

    • The guy is just being smart. Virtue signaling against Canada results i more invitations to give recitals (and moral speeches) in Canada. If he is so virtuous in Turkey he gets some baton punches and goes to jail.

    • Fazil Say has already gotten himself into trouble taking a principled and public stand against the policies of Erdogan’s government and radical Islam.

      Neither you nor Erdogan are in a position to judge Say’s “soul”.

  • Several years ago a Turkish court convicted Fazil Say and sentenced him, fortunately in absentia, to prison for “insulting Islam”. He can’t go back there.

    Have you heard his piece “A Dervish in Manhattan” and variations on Mozart’s “Rondo alla turca”? An original piece of his called “Black Earth” is striking He played them in his recital here.

    Some good pianists are from Turkey: gesides Fazil Saay there’s Idil Biret, a pupil of Wilhelm Kempff’s; the impressive Huseyin Sermet, and Setrak, though some say Setrak isn’t Turkish but Balkan.

    And for opera fans with long memories: Leyla Gencer.

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