Nina Simone: They want to knock down her home

The clapboard house in Tryon, North Carolina, where Eunice Kathleen Waymon was born in February 1933 is under threat of demolition.

It was here that Nina was taught to play the piano by an English-born teacher, Muriel Mazzanovich, here that she played her first Bach.

Does anyone care enougb to save the house?

There’s a collection running here.

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    • I was just about to thank Norman for posting the videos, so I guess I care. Though I won’t be contributing to the house fund, I’m glad an effort is being made to inform the public about this fascinating artist.

  • You should ask yourself, what would Nina do??? She abandoned that house for a reason. It only seems logical that if she was ok with letting it fall, so should you.

  • It would actually seem the “threat of demolition” has abated since 2017, when it was purchased by some New Yorkers, who are now campaigning for others to help them pay for upkeep and restoraton.

    This does raise some important questions about historical preservation issues and “historic site” designations in general (the Strand bookstore’s recent ordeal, for example). Is every home or place, or old business, some artists of any kind spent some time in or patronized to be preserved indefinitely in its original state, even if no one is particularly interested?

  • The childhood home of Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys) was demolished for a highway years ago. We’ve gotten over it.

  • Why isn’t it preserved as an historical property.. Nina was not some fly by night singer…. she was an accomplished classical pianist,jazz vocalist, and activist… it is no secret… perhaps because it’s not a secret makes it insignificant to the abilities whom are able to sustain it….

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