Netrebko: I have no further plans for Bayreuth

The diva, who ducked out of next week’s Lohengrin, has let it be known she has nothing in the diary involving the Wagner festival in future.

That debut may never happen.

Meantime. she’s recovering from the cancellation at a family party in Azerbaijan.

(Looks like she won’t be playing Armenia either any time soon.)



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Baku. Баку❤️ @yusif_eyvazov_official

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  • No, surely not. She was allowed to contract for just two dates in a role she already knew, so the festival couldn’t have made it easier for her. And she blew the chance.

    • Even “knew” is stretching it. She had sung Elsa for four dates in Dresden three years ago with the aid of a teleprompter, and not since, to my knowledge. German is her worst language of the ones she’s sung, and she was arguably the weakest link in the Dresden cast. Her comments in interviews don’t make it sound as if Wagner is a composer she’s especially drawn to.

      We will see if she keeps her plans to sing that Bolshoi/Met co-production of Lohengrin.

      • I think you’re mostly right about her and the German language, which she’s never properly learned despite becoming an Austrian citizen (on paper at least). That makes the rumors that she will sing Salome at the Met in two seasons hard to believe. Vocal demands notwithstanding, Salome is a very text-heavy role…

  • Wagner was fine and never mind it …. I’m still curious when will she sing Norma …. Now she is completely prepared for it ….

    • Hahahaha! She will never sing Norma. She is lazy!!!! The Russian Mafia needs hard cash to buy her career and things are tight right now after they threw so much money at Olga Peryatko’s career.

      • judging from your answer you were a bit excited when you were typing ( psychology, just a business, nothng personal 😉 – it only means her name has a meaning for you 😉
        P.S. …as for me – I say again – she is always a good girl…. and Chopard of Geneva(Switzerland) is certainly one of those “Russian mafia” members- for sure 😉 Others are Opera de Paris, the Met, Covent Garden, Wienna Opera, La Scala etc 😉

      • …..when someone tries to diminish others using affront or same it only shows that the person has a low self-esteem.Apparently this person desperately needs to raise it though in such an add form. I wish you well 😉

        • Judging from your response to KB and MS, you appear to claim a certain knowledge of psychoanalysis. If so, why automatically classify masochism as an affront? It may be a pleasurable option – and it’s a World of free choice!
          However, (assuming you read music) take music copy of Casta Diva (one is limited to the aria and cabaletta since Netrebko has no full rendition of the role on YouTube), and compare Ponselle, Callas, Cerquetti, Sutherland, Caballe (and others) with Netrebko (and take the “live” versions out there, where available – all technically undoctored).
          Follow just the basics – the intonation, the phrasing, the composer’s markings, etc. (not even considering dramatic interpretation)
          …and thereafter you will hopefully get the point.

  • Me either. I am sick to death of Netrebko and her pronouncements. It’s time for the media (including SD) to be as done with her as she is with Bayreuth.

  • Well, since she’s not known to have sung Isolde or Brunnhilde, I doubt there’s much she has to offer Bayreuth.

  • I would not waste a penny on the Bayreuth Festival any more. Have not been any good productions since Weiland Wagner ran it.

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