My cat plays piano better than my students

Laura Elliott tells her local paper in the West Midlands that two-year-old Jasper jumps onto the keys before students can start playing.


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    • Thanks for that — it’s brilliant. I love the way she brings in her left hand, I mean paw, then explores the black keys…listening to it, I thought how much better her composition was than so much contemporary music I have had to sit through in the concert hall. Bit of Glass influence, and one begins to think she has watched a few of our more flamboyant performers. Including, in one dramatic movement, Elton John!

  • And that’s why cats are better than dogs. 🙂

    In another matter:

    I have trouble accessing slippedisc from Germany since yesterday. Right now I’m able to read blog entries again, but the comment section won’t load.

  • many aeons ago, in my undergraduate music degree, we had to compose a piece using aleatoric principles. One of my cats seemed to rather like pootling up and down the piano keys, so I placed a microphone in the open lid of the piano, filled my pocket with dried cat nibbles, and set the cassette recording. The cat wandered, pounced, sat down at her whim and the cunning placements of cat treats.
    I got 83 per cent for that composition!

  • Every cool cat knows and can play Zes Confrey’s once popular piano piece “Kitten on the Keys”.

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