Murray Perahia is sick

The pianist, 72, has cried off at Salzburg, London, Lucerne and Martin Engstroem’s dubious oligarch festival in Latvia.

His replacement in Salzburg, London and Lucerne is Emanuel Ax.

Jan Lisiecki will deputise in Riga.

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    • For someone who has been known to occasionally tickle the ivories herself, Esfir, you’re a shockingly poor judge of piano playing. Jan Lisiecki is a seriously good musician, well worth hearing. It’s unfortunate that MP has to cancel and, with you, I wish him well. But Lisiecki as a replacement won’t disappoint.

    • Esfir Ross is known for making ridiculous, defamatory comments about pianists, living and dead. She’s already been kicked off several forums. Either Esfir has dementia, is clinically toxic, or is lacking in basic musicality.

      • MP and me studied with same teacher Karl U.Schnabel. We talk after his great recital with admiration about our wonderful teacher.

        • Perahia didn’t actually “study” with Karl Ulrich Schnabel – he merely played for him on occasion, as he also did for Serkin, Horszowski, and Balsam. Perahia’s principal piano teacher was Jeanette Haien, whose main teacher was Leonard Shure (who had been Schnabel’s teaching assistant for 10 years in Berlin).

      • Can someone enlighten me about the word ‘flak’. I have not comer across it before as a discription of a person. What exactly does it mean and what is the derivation?

  • Last year on March 30, 2018, Mr. Lebrecht reported here that Murray Perahia had canceled his Spring 2018 U.S. tour because of an unexpected illness.

    Others posting there said Perahia had canceled earlier concerts in Israel, Singapore, and other Asian cities. He is now 72, which is hard to believe. All good wishes to him for full recovery.

    • Not my old pianophile friend Edgar Self from the Chicago area!! I of course join you in your good wishes for MP, and I extend the same to you as well.

  • Dear Mr. Perahia,

    Your Shubert Impromptus accompanied me through pain and arduous recovery from a back injury several years ago. Now, whenever I feel physical or mental distress I call up to memory exquisite passages that have been so restorative, cleansing and inspirational.. I am saddened that your artistry which has been such a source of healing for me is the cause of pain for you. Praying that you will find a path toward full recovery.

  • Dear Maestro Perahia, please come back soon to the stage, we miss your performances and your wonderful poetry! My best thoughts and prayers for your quick and full recovery.

  • Ax was excellent today but I wish a quick recovery to the great Murray Perahia whom I have heard several times live, among them the same Beethoven concerto with Haitink and the VPO a few years ago, not in Salzburg but in Lucerne, also followed by Bruckner – not the 7th but the 9th. Great concert.

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